5 Day / 500 Mile Exchange Policy

5 Day/500 Mile Exhchange Policy Terms & Conditions

Vehicle must not be damaged/changed in any way from what it was when you took delivery.

Only the purchaser may return the vehicle to a Smart Way to Buy Dealer. This offer is not transferrable, assignable or exerciseable by anyone else.

The vehicle must be returned to the location where it was purchased by 5:00 P.M. on or before the third day, (Purchase day is considered day one.) If the third day is either a Sunday or holiday, then you may return it on the next regular business day if the return is made before 10:00 A.M. Sundays and holidays do count as one of the three days.

The mileage driven must be less than 500 miles, as shown by the odometer.

Purcahser is liable for payment to the dealer for any accessories, of any kind, made a part of, or otherwise added to the interior or exterior of the motor vehicle, but purchaser prior to the expiration of the 5-day return period.

The vehicle must have continuous insurance coverage during this period.